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Best Technology, Custom Fit

We use industry standard frameworks and development tools like Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and Visual Studio to minimize training, consulting, integration, and customization costs.

Our platform and client solutions are built using industry leading commercial and open-source technologies, frameworks, components, and tools including: Infragistics, DevExpress, Apache libraries and components, MS .NET 4.0, MS Entity Framework, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Java, and others.

Using and integrating with the best technologies, frameworks, components, and tools reduces costs and improves flexibility, maintainability, reusability, performance, implementation consistency, and reliability of our solutions.

Speed, Quality, and Ease of Use

Our innovative DataHub platform allows us to rapidly deliver high quality custom operations management, application, information management, business intelligence, and other software to our clients without incurring the costs typically associated with custom development.

DataHub’s architecture promotes ease of use in expanding and supporting the architecture and solutions based on the architecture.

Leverage your Organization’s IT investments

Our software will be customized to precisely fit your business needs and operations and will be fully integrated into your organization’s technical infrastructure. Our solutions are typically integrated with our client’s internal and external systems of record, and with Microsoft Office family of products.

Integration with Internal and External Systems and Data Sources

Designed to Integrate

Our solutions are designed to integrate with third-party systems, services, and platforms, and excel at data processing and exchanges. DataHub enabled applications are typically integrated with our clients’ internal and external systems of record.

Integration with Microsoft Office Family of Products

Our solutions integrate with Microsoft office family of products including MS Excel and SharePoint and can be setup to provide the following functionality:

  • Your staff will be able to create sophisticated self-service reports using MS Excel Power Pivot plugin.

  • Our enterprise solutions typically include custom-built Microsoft Excel add-ins, menus, and functions that will allow your staff to access analytical and other corporate data, as well as consult DataHub system for data translations and mappings directly from Excel spreadsheets.

  • Automatic generation of MS Excel spreadsheets prefilled with data based on pre-defined templates.

  • We use Microsoft Workflow Foundation and Microsoft SharePoint technologies for business processes automation and workflows.

  • Our enterprise solutions typically include custom designed business object layer that can be used by internal applications and third-party products like MS Excel and SharePoint to safely interact with your organization’s corporate data. Your custom designed business object layer will help your organization centralize data management functions, and will safeguard your corporate data from unauthorized access.

Familiar Microsoft office look and feel

Our solutions have Microsoft Office look and feel, and will look and feel familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Office products before.

Our Best Practices Give You an Advantage

Our solutions are designed and built using best software design and development practices which results in flexible, scalable, reliable, and easy to use and to maintain software.


DataHub’s architecture promotes ease of use in expanding and supporting the architecture and solutions based on the architecture.

Modular design

Our solutions are composed of separate modules, with each module encapsulating a set of particular business functions. This modular design allows us to easily extend our solutions, when needed, by adding additional modules and functionality.

Flexible Deployment Options

Our solutions can be deployed and hosted on or off site depending on our client’s preferences.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of technical consulting services ranging from custom programming to technology strategy consulting.

We offer post-implementation support services that complement our solutions and help ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their new software.

Custom database consulting Custom application development
Database design and development Business objects design and development
Work design consulting Business process innovation
Master data management Group Reporting & Data warehousing
Cross-functional business processes Financial quantitative data & information management software
Business workflow solutions Business process automation
Custom SW design and development SOA Architecture consulting
Application infrastructure evaluation and improvement Custom programming
Company-wide search solutions Social and knowledge management
Document management solutions Technology strategy consulting

Custom Software Design & Development and Programming Services

Whether you need help upgrading a legacy system, automating manual tasks, building a custom component, system, or an application, let us now! We have extensive experience building custom database solutions, web applications and portals, line of business applications, consolidated reporting solutions, business process workflows, integration packages, and other software.

No matter what your business needs are, you can count on our passion, creativity, technical know-how, and expertise to deliver the most cost effective, innovative, and practical solution that will meet all of your today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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Driven by purpose but oriented to people

We bring top-notch technical, project management, and financial skills to every project

Our project managers and technologists average over 6 years of financial services experience and over 10 years of technology experience. Our team is passionate about delivering high quality technical solutions that streamline operations and solve toughest business problems and challenges. We do quality work every time, no excuses.

You Can Count on Our Process to Deliver the Right Solution for your Needs

Our agile process ensures that our clients are getting exactly what they need when they need it

Because enterprise architecture is equally about how the company operates as it is about how the technology is designed, building software should be a joint exercise to be done with business leaders and technologists. Your dedicated project manager will work with you and your team to jointly evolve technical solution, and will ensure that it meets your current and future business needs, and ends up being useful to your organization and to the people who will be using it.

Every one of our projects typically goes through evaluation, prototype design, implementation, deployment, and post-implementation support phases. Our agile process is intended to gather the right information in the right sequence, and provides continuous client visibility and feedback during each step of the way. Clients are required to review, provide feedback and approve the results of each phase, as a prerequisite to proceeding on to the next phase.

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will drive the project through the entire lifecycle from conceptualization and requirements determination to post-implementation maintenance and support. Your dedicated project manager will be with you every step of the way providing the necessary operational and technical resources, communication, and support.

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