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Our user friendly operations management software will allow your staff to effectively control and manage critical business data and processes improving your organization’s capability to collect, manage, analyze, and distribute critical business information to its stakeholders and staff making your business stronger, better, and more competitive than before.

Corporate Data
Control and Manage your Organization’s Critical Business Data & Processes

If your organization relies on a vendor for information management functions or has adopted vendors’ data definitions and interpretations as your own, your business is dependent on a vendor service and is likely to operate at a cost disadvantage.

DataHub system will help your organization gain vendor independence by storing and organizing your organization’s corporate data in a manner that is consistent with your view of this data and not with a view of a third-party system.

DataHub system will act in a hub-and-spoke manner for all information flows between various systems channeling all data through the central processing mechanism. The primary advantage of this design is that data sources can be added on either side of the hub, without affecting the other spokes. This eliminates dependencies on third-party systems, and will allow you to easily switch data providers and recipients.

DataHub enabled applications come equipped with data management tools and data diligence features that will allow your staff to effectively control and manage critical business data and processes.

Business Innovation
Do business in a new way, better and more competitive than before

Our technologists will work with you and your team to streamline and improve your operations, and will link these improvements with the latest innovative information technologies and ideas helping your organization adopt more comprehensive and integrative processes, and incorporate new information technologies and innovative ideas into your operations making your company stronger, better and more competitive than before.

We bring top-notch technical, project management, and financial skills to every project. Our project managers and technologists average over 6 years of financial services experience and over 10 years of technology experience.

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will drive the project through the entire project lifecycle from conceptualization and requirements determination to post-implementation support. Your dedicated project manager will be with you every step of the way providing the necessary operational and technical resources, continuous communication, and support.

Manage the Rapid Speed of Change

DataHub enables dynamic business applications that evolve and grow with our clients’ operations. DataHub enabled operations management software will improve your organization’s capability to collect, manage, analyze, and distribute critical business information to stakeholders and staff increasing your organization’s business agility and capability to dynamically adjust organizational resources.

DataHub enabled applications are designed to integrate with third-party systems, services, and platforms , and excel at data processing and exchanges. DataHub enabled applications are typically integrated with our clients’ internal and external systems of record, and with Microsoft Office family of products.

Our software will integrate and organize your organization’s financial and operational data, and link it with business intelligence tools that will provide instantaneous views of your business operations. You will gain a real-time understanding of where your business is, allowing you to make better business and management decisions.